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Carlos L.R. de A.Gonçalves carlos-relvas
Segunda-Feira, 24 de Abril de 2006 - 19:28:16 WEST

Se bem que apenas destinado aos membros do DSWCI, eis uma amostra da "DBS-8"
deste velho club dinamarquês.    Como sempre, é um valioso complemento do
anuário WRTH-World Radio TV Handbook  e indispensável p/ o
DXista.      Caso desejem uma amostra em melhores condições (a que segue
abaixo,em formato WORD, foi extraída do boletim electrº quinzenal "DX
Window", tb. do DSWCI), poderei enviar uma págª da DBS de 2005.
Indirectamente, aqui fica o convite p/ se tornarem membros do DSWCI.
Carlos Gonçalves.
Domestic Broadcasting Survey 8


edited by DSWCI Chairman, Anker Petersen.

ISSN 1399-8218

The 49 years old DSWCI which now has experienced DX-ers in 37 countries all
over the world as members, has just issued the 8th  Edition of its annual
Domestic Broadcasting Survey. This survey is divided into four parts:

Part 1: The 34th edition of the Tropical Bands Survey covering all ACTIVE
broadcasting stations on 2300 - 5700 kHz.

Part 2: Domestic stations on international shortwave bands above 5700 kHz
broadcasting to a domestic audience. Relays of such broadcasts to
compatriots abroad are no longer included, because this is regarded as
international broadcasts.

Part 3: All ACTIVE Clandestine shortwave stations are listed with schedules
and identifications.

Part 4: Deleted frequencies between 2 and 30 MHz which have not been
reported heard during the past four years.

This new Survey is based upon many official sources and DX-bulletins. A06
schedules are included when available.

In order to make the DBS reliable, our own monitors around the world have
checked throughout the period May 2005 - April 2006, if each of the 1165
station frequencies is on the air.  ACTIVE stations are marked with an A
B ("Irregular") or C ("Sporadic") in the list.   D means "Likely inactive".

A unique feature is the right column called "Last log". It shows the last
month and year before DBS deadline on April 17, 2006   when the particular
station was reported logged by a DX-er somewhere in the world.This is
another way of indicating the current audibility of the station. To make
this DBS up-to-date and user-friendly, most frequencies which have not been
heard during the past year have been deleted and moved to Part 4. Other
useful features for easy identification (ID) are the parallel frequencies
and reference to Station ID sentenses.

Four sample extracts from the DBS-8 are shown below. Reviews can be found on

All buyers of DBS-8 will get a username and password to the monthly updates
on the tropical bands published as "Tropical Bands Monitor" on our website.
The similar 2005 data are available at to anybody.

The 40 pages A-4 size DBS-8 is available by e-mail as pdf-format (about 330
KB). A limited number will be printed on paper.

They are sold by the treasurer:
DSWCI, c/o Bent Nielsen,
Egekrogen 14,
DK 3500 Vaerloese, DENMARK

E-Mail edition:     DKK 40,00 or USD 7.00 or EUR 5,00 or GBP 4,00 or SEK
50,00 or IRC 5.
Printed edition:    DKK 75,00 or USD 12.00 or EUR 10,00 or GBP 7,00 or SEK
100,00 or IRC 10.

Payment by cash notes are accepted whereas checks are not accepted.

DSWCI Bank is Danske Bank, 2-12 Holmens Kanal, DK-1092 Copenhagen K,
Account: DK 44 3000 4001 528459.

Giro Account: DK 10 3000 007 103409 (add fee: DKK 30!).

BIC/SWIFT for both Accounts: DABADKKK

Best 73's,
Anker Petersen and Bent Nielsen

Samples from Domestic Broadcasting Survey 8:

B    4770     50     NIG     R Nigeria, Kaduna                        Kaduna
2: 0430-2300 E/Hausa/Fulfulde/Kanuri/Nupe, N on the hour
with E at 0500 1100 1600 1700 and 2255, at 1900 Fulfulde
and Kanuri. ID: "NBC"  APR06

A   4775     1       B          R Congonhas, Congonhas, MG    [¤ Oct-Feb]
0830-0300v P. Usually with Evangelical px                           MAR06

A   4775     50     IND     AIR Imphal, Manipur
Northeastern Sce: 0025-0215 1030-1700 E/Hindi/Vn, E nx 0035 1225
 (local nx), 1530, ID:"Akashvani Imphal", (= 7150), d -4770       MAR06

A   4775     0,5    PRU     R Tarma, Tarma, Junín                 W
1000-1400 2000-0400, Su 1100-1400 2000-0400 S                 FEB06

A   4775     50     SWZ    TWR, Mpangela Ranch                FS: 0340-0500
(SS-0700), (Apr-Oct also 0500-0900) Lomwe/E/G                APR06

C    4777     100   GAB    Rdif TV Gabonaise, Libreville      0500-0800
1600-1900 F, ID: "Radio Gabon"; some days -1700*, ck 7270  MAR06

A   4780     50     DJI       Rdif.TV de Djibouti, Doraleh
0300-0700(Fr -2002) 0900-2002v Somali/Afar and occ. A, Somali ID:
"Hal Kani wa Radio Djibouti", Afar ID: "Ah Djibouti Radio", A ID:
"Huna Djibouti". Nx: Somali 0330 1200 1700, Afar 0430
1000 1830, A 0600 1400. During Ramadan -2300*                 APR06

A   4780        1    GTM   R Cultural Coatán, San Seba-       1030v-1500
stián de Coatán, Huehuetenango
Cultural Coatán - 4780 kHz Onda Corta transmitiendo desde San
Sebastián Coatán en el departamente de Huehuetenango,
Guatemala,    2200-0230v S/Chuj, IDs: "Radio Coatán", "TGLT- Radio
Centro América!"
B    4900     50     CHN    Voice of the Strait, Fuzhou,         Nov-Mar:
2225-2400 1200-1700 Amoy, ID: "Haixia zhi
Fujian       Sheng Guangpo Dian tai" (=6115)

A   4902,5  1       BOL     R San Miguel, Riberalta, Beni      W
0900v-0300v, Su 1000-0200 S catholic px, sl: "La Voz de la Selva"
and "La Voz del Vicariato Apostólico de Pando", d
4900,0 - 4905,0

B    4905     1       B          R Araguaia, Araguaína,
[¤Oct-Feb] 24 h  P, relays "Araguaia FM" and "Rede Somzoomsat,
Tocantins Fortaleza"

C    4905     5       B          R Nova Relógio, Rio de Janeiro
[¤Oct-Feb] 0730-0300 P rlg with time checks in background, sl:
"Nossa Rádio", d -4920. Very irregular

A   4905     50     CHN    Xizang PBS, Lhasa, Tibet            2100-1800
(not Tu 0600-1000) Tibetan, exc. W 0700-0720 1630-1650
E, and relays of CNR8 MS: D 2300-2400 0400-0500 1300-1400
Tibetan // 4920 5240 6130 7385. E ID: "This is Holy  Tibet, China Tibet
People's Broadcasting Company"; ck 6010(MS ID)                    APR06

B    4909,3  -        EQA    R Chaskis, Otavalo, Imbabura      0000-0325
0945-1120 S/ Quichua, ID:"Nueva Radio Chasqui del
Norte con música Ecuadorísima", n 4910

A   9720     5       PRU     R Victoria, Lima                           24 h
S/P, sl: "La Voz de la Liberación" // 6020,2;  n 9720, d 9720,1-9720,4

A   9725     7,5    B          R Clube Paranaense, Curitiba,      [¤Oct-Feb]
0800-2200 (Su 2300) P, some days 24h  Paraná                        MAR06

B    9730     50     BRM  Myanma R, Yangon, Yegu           (SS
0245-)0330-0700 Bamar, 0700-0730 E,(= 5985(ID) 7185),d-9731 JAN06

C    9737     100   PRG     R Nacional del Paraguay,              24 h S,
Asunción.  ID: "Radio Nacional del Paraguay, Emisora Nacional del
Estado Paraguayo", schedule varies,  n 9735. Temporarily off the air


C    9743,3  10     INS      RRI Sorong, PP                            RRI
Cabang Muda : 0115-0800 Bahasa Indonesia, often relays RRI
 Jakarta // 9680 11860; (= 4874,6)


B    9745     60     BHR    R Bahrain, Ras Hayan                  General
Px: 24 h A, ID's: "Huna al Bahrain", "Idhaat mamlakat al
Category 4: Covert broadcasts by opposition groups via own or local

Code kHz  kW   To        Station
Schedule (UTC), remarks
Last log

B    4860     -        IRN      Voice of Iranian Kurdistan, via     ¤
0250v-0430 1600-1730v Kurdish, 0430-0500 1500v-1530v Farsi,
Al-Sulaymaniyah, No. Iraq. // 3970(ID's), but unsynchronous; d 4845-4890


C    6000     -        MEX   R Insurgente, San Cristóbal de
las Casas, Chiapas, Mexico, Fr2045v-2200v S/Tzotzil/Tzeltal/Chol/Tojolabal.
S ID's: "La Voz de los sin voz", "Escucha usted Radio Insurgente, Voz del
Zapatista de Liberación Nacional, transmitiendo desde las
montañas del Sureste Mexicano". Off June-November 2005. Also on FM
and Internet

A   6420     -        IRN      Voice of Iranian Revolution,         ¤
1424v-1530v Kurdish // 3880v(ID) 4380v, d 6390-6440, jumping
5 kHz, possibly via Northern Iraq. Jammed                              MAR06

A   6420     -        IRN      Voice of the Communist Party     ¤
1628-1825v(Fr -1855) Farsi // 3880v(ID) 4380v, d 6390-6440,
of Iran, possibly via No. Iraq       jumping 5 kHz. Jammed. r -1745*


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