Carlos L.R. de A.Gonçalves carlos-relvas
Quarta-Feira, 5 de Abril de 2006 - 09:49:36 WEST

Dear Glenn,

A word of apology first: R.NZi did not change from 9885 to 9855 (that would 
have been even worse, at least for some time here in Eur!) - that was simply 
me who make a typing mistake for which I am indeed very sorry as it may have 
mislead some of the readers of DXLD and other bulletins too.

By the way, after I sent my message with that schedule, on 3rd inst., R.NZi 
finally switched off 11725 shortly after 2115, and the "funny" thing is that 
//15720 seemed to have vanished too: the signal was not good, far from it, 
but vanishing just like that in a matter of mins. due to propagation alone?!


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