ARLA/CLUSTER : R.NZi A_06 amended... again

Carlos L.R. de A.Gonçalves carlos-relvas
Segunda-Feira, 3 de Abril de 2006 - 22:16:04 WEST

Dear Glenn,

As I write,, the "How to Listen" url, 
shows the following slightly amended A 06 schedule:

UTC              kHz    azimuth
0655-1059    9855     0º
1059-1259    9870 325º
1300-1650    7145     0º
1651-1850    7145    35º
1851-1950    9630     0º
1950-2050  11725     0º
1955-0700  15720     0º

At 2048, both 11725 & 15720 were audible while the webpage indicated 15720 
only, then IS played for quite a while, but 11725 remained on... and is 
still on at 2114; that's a bit stronger than // 15720, which is weak & 
fluttery, and gets some QRM de B on 11724.9.   Tuning to 11725 usb and using 
the 20 m T2FD, the B stn almost vanishes and R.NZi almost comes alive albeit 
still mediocre though readable; the NSoAm/AUS 45 m inv. V reveals the 
R.Novas de Paz, Curitiba PR, Brazil.

Yes, they may have planned to rely on HF DRM for distributing their signal 
to the Pacific islands, but wouldn't satellite be better... and less 
expensive too?    The chief advantage of using HF DRM or "normal" H is that 
they're using something of their own while the satellite is not.

The recent item in DXLD about the proposed IoM stn on 279 kHz speaks for 
itself as far as DRM is concerned.

I think we should stick together and start saying "PLC & DRM, no thanks!"


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