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Segunda-Feira, 26 de Novembro de 2018 - 11:54:56 WET

FCC rejects AMSAT orbital debris petition

ARRL reports the FCC has rejected a Petition for Reconsideration that AMSAT
filed 14 years ago, seeking to exempt Amateur Radio satellites from the
FCC’s satellite orbital debris mitigation requirements

The ARRL says:

The Commission took the opportunity in a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and
Order on Reconsideration, released on November 19, that revisits its
orbital debris rules for the first time since their adoption in 2004.
Among other things, AMSAT had argued at the time of its Petition that
applying the orbital debris requirements to Amateur Radio satellites would
be cost prohibitive, and that the FCC had not indicated what constitutes an
acceptable orbital debris mitigation plan.

Acknowledging that time has made some of AMSAT’s arguments moot, the FCC
said the costs involved with modifications to comply with post-mission
disposal requirements “are justified when balanced against the public
interest in mitigating orbital debris.” The FCC said it determined that
closer adherence to the disposal methods described in the rules was
“warranted in order to limit the growth of orbital debris” in low-Earth
orbit (LEO).

“In any event, in the years since the debris mitigation rules were adopted,
and notwithstanding any costs imposed by FCC regulations, well over 150
small satellites have been authorized, with at least 20 of those considered
amateur satellites,” the FCC said in its November 15 Order on
Reconsideration. “It appears that, to the extent that any costs have been
incurred, the main contributor to costs for amateur and similar LEO
missions has to do with the availability of launches to appropriate orbits.”

The FCC also said that in the years since the FCC issued its Orbital Debris
Order, “numerous licensees, including amateur satellites operating in LEO,
have successfully satisfied our orbital debris mitigation requirements.

FCC Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and Order on Reconsideration

2004 AMSAT Petition for Reconsideration

FCC Second Report and Order IB Docket No. 02-54

Source ARRL
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