ARLA/CLUSTER: O radioamadorismo activo ajuda a manter as habilidades cognitivas

Afonso Marques amarques
Quinta-Feira, 28 de Junho de 2018 - 15:27:49 WEST

Subscrevo absolutamente, quer com o ferro de soldar, alicate, chave de
fendas, quer fazendo contactos, participando em concursos , até  arrumando
o schack ...


Em 28/06/2018 13:07, "João Costa &gt; CT1FBF" <ct1fbf> escreveu:

> Ham radio helps maintain cognitive skills
> ABC News reports Amateur Radio is helping lifelong hobbyists stay mentally
> fit in old age
> It comes with all the benefits of social media but without "any of the
> downsides" — and one of Australia's oldest ham radio enthusiasts says it is
> also the perfect hobby for retirees looking to stay mentally sharp.
> West Australian-based *Norman Gomm VK6GOM* took to ham radio over forty
> years ago and now aged 82 has no intention of signing off just yet.
> As one of Australia's estimated 10,500 licensed ham radio operators, Mr
> Gomm, is also the president of the Bunbury Radio Club.
> He says it is rare that a day goes by without him spending at least a
> couple of hours in his purpose-built 'ham shack'.
> "I find it's very good for me," Mr Gomm told the ABC amid a dazzling
> display of flashing lights and crackling radio static.
> "I'm 82 years of age and you need to keep your mind working actively all
> the time," he said.
> "Ham radio requires a lot of cognitive skills and a lot of understanding
> technology, so I find that's very good for keeping me active."
> Watch the video and read the full story at
> older-hobbyists-stay-mentally-fit/9908468
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