ARLA/CLUSTER: O radioamadorismo activo ajuda a manter as habilidades cognitivas

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Quinta-Feira, 28 de Junho de 2018 - 13:03:48 WEST

 Ham radio helps maintain cognitive skills

ABC News reports Amateur Radio is helping lifelong hobbyists stay mentally
fit in old age

It comes with all the benefits of social media but without "any of the
downsides" — and one of Australia's oldest ham radio enthusiasts says it is
also the perfect hobby for retirees looking to stay mentally sharp.

West Australian-based *Norman Gomm VK6GOM* took to ham radio over forty
years ago and now aged 82 has no intention of signing off just yet.

As one of Australia's estimated 10,500 licensed ham radio operators, Mr
Gomm, is also the president of the Bunbury Radio Club.

He says it is rare that a day goes by without him spending at least a
couple of hours in his purpose-built 'ham shack'.

"I find it's very good for me," Mr Gomm told the ABC amid a dazzling
display of flashing lights and crackling radio static.

"I'm 82 years of age and you need to keep your mind working actively all
the time," he said.

"Ham radio requires a lot of cognitive skills and a lot of understanding
technology, so I find that's very good for keeping me active."

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