ARLA/CLUSTER: Alterações para as Condições Determinantes para as licenças de radioamador na Austrália

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Segunda-Feira, 25 de Junho de 2018 - 09:02:34 WEST

Australian Ham Radio Licence Conditions Determination

In WIA News Robert VK3ARM provides an update on submissions to the
ACMA consultation on amateur radio Licence Conditions Determination

G'day I've just completed the WIA Survey regarding the draft Licence
Conditions Determination submission to the ACMA.

A lot of hard work by the WIA has gone into that and I have to admit
that, as an Advanced Amateur Licence Holder, I'm disappointed that the
WIA has had to frame these recommendations based on the input of so
few Amateurs, given the number of current Members of the Wireless
Institute of Australia and the number of Australian Amateurs overall.

In particular, I feel that 460 odd survey contributions to these
matters makes it hard for the WIA to convince the ACMA that they are
operating in the best interests of all Australian Amateurs.

The final comments for the Licence Conditions Determination submission
are currently available to view on the WIA's website at

The WIA is calling for final input from you, WIA Member or not in a
survey. Here's a chance to really make a positive difference to our
hobby. Wouldn't it be nice to have thousands of final comments from
Australian Amateurs, not just a few hundred as has happened

So come on, go to it! You only have until the 30th June.

My comments here are not in the role of any position holder within the
WIA but as a concerned individual. I am a member of the WIA, Amateur
Radio Victoria and the Ballarat Amateur Radio Group. I support the
need for change as outlined in the submission.

You should too.

Robert VK3ARM

Source WIA News

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