ARLA/CLUSTER: Minutas do Comité Executivo da IARU Região 1, referentes há reunião de 5 a 7 Maio, disponíveis para consulta

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Quinta-Feira, 25 de Maio de 2017 - 13:21:03 WEST

IARU Region 1 Executive Committee minutes

The minutes of the meeting of the Executive Committee of IARU Region 1,
held at Landshut, Germany on May 5-7 have been released

IARU Region 1 is funded by National Societies paying a fee for each member
they declare they have.

Regarding the level of funding, the minutes note that Societies do not
declare their true membership numbers. The matter will be discussed at the
General Conference.

Regarding the IARU Monitoring System; Member Societies are to be encouraged
to be more active in the monitoring service.

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