ARLA/CLUSTER: Forum da RSGB promove discussão da posição do Reino Unido para a conferencia geral da IARU R1 em Setembro

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Segunda-Feira, 22 de Maio de 2017 - 13:16:20 WEST

Discussion of IARU Papers on RSGB Forum

The *RSGB Forum* has discussion threads covering the papers, from all
countries, that will be submitted to the IARU Region 1 General Conference
to be held at Landshut in September

A link to download the papers can be found in the "Welcome To" post in each
IARU Matters 2017 topic areas at

Discussion of the papers can take place in the "Conference Papers
Discussion Thread" in each topic area. Note to be able to post you need to
register on the Forum:
The answer to the verification question "Who issues amateur radio licences
in the UK?" is Ofcom.

What is the RSGB Forum site and how does it work?
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