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Quinta-Feira, 11 de Maio de 2017 - 13:45:09 WEST

Old QSL card collection

*Jean Michel, F6AJA*, wants to remind everyone to visit the *Les Nouvelles
DX* (LNDX) Web page to see more than 14600 old QSL cards in several
different albums/galleries.

This site contains:
- The ten most wanted DXCC entities (2007 to 2016) with more than 500 QSLs
- At least one card for each 60 deleted DXCC countries (more than 1800+
- Nearest the totality of current prefixes, disappeared now (more than
4900+ QSLs)
- Album for stations from North Africa 1945-1962 (400+ QSLs)
- More than 950+ QSLs from the Antarctic bases.
- With 270 QSLs from the TAAF (Terres Australes and Antarctiques
- More than 450 QSLs for the rare French Pacific Islands such as FK, FK/C,
FO/C, FO/A, FO/M, FO/C and FW
- More than 100 cards from Eparses Islands such as FR/B/E/G/J/T
- The FG, FM, FP, FS, FY stations from 1945 to 1969
- Commemoratives stations for ITU and IARU with more than 700 QSL.
- More than 2300 cards for the old timer with more than 150 countries
before 1945.
- Cards from the French Department before 1945.
- At least one card from each of the states in the U.S. before 1945.

The URL address for the Web site is:
Some cards are still needed for the collection, and your participation is
welcome. Only a ".jpg" file (both sides of the card) is required.
Please visit the site and give them your comments by sending an E-mail
to: LesNouvellesDX

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