ARLA/CLUSTER: Kids Day incentiva os jovens a conhecer o radioamadorismo.

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Quarta-Feira, 28 de Dezembro de 2016 - 14:19:18 WET

Kids Day January 8

An amateur radio, on-the-air operating event for young people, will be held
on Sunday January 8, 2017 report among those involved are the *New Providence Amateur Radio
Club* (NPARC), they will set up two operating ham radio stations in the
DeCorso Community Center, 15 East 4th Street, New Providence.

*Kids Day* is intended to encourage young people--licensed or not--to enjoy
Amateur Radio. It gives youngsters on-the-air experience, so they may
develop an interest in electronic technology, and in pursuing a ham radio
license in the future. It's also intended to give hams a chance to share
their stations with their children. Even though the kids get a "kick" by
exchanging their names, towns and their favorite colors with others, they
also get a serious lesson in World Geography.

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ARRL Kids Day
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