ARLA/CLUSTER: EUA: Politica da FCC vai ser mais agressiva na aplicação da Lei

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Sexta-Feira, 2 de Dezembro de 2016 - 12:57:51 WET

Laura Smith: Amateur enforcement will be aggressive

FCC Special Counsel Laura Smith told the ARRL Pacific Division
Convention (Pacificon) in October that, despite FCC cutbacks, Amateur
Radio enforcement will not be compromised

She said the FCC is more aggressively policing the Amateur Radio
bands, and she cited the case of an unlicensed individual in New York,
who was arrested and assessed a fine for interfering with Amateur
Radio repeaters as well as with public service communication systems.

“We’re aggressively going after people who are cutting into your
frequencies,” Smith assured her audience. So far this year, she said,
the FCC has proposed some $60,000 in fines to Amateur Radio licensees,
for various alleged infractions.

“It bothers me that we have amateurs out there who are misbehaving,”
she said, “when the bulk of you are incredible people.”

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