ARLA/CLUSTER: James Cutler (KF6RFX) acredita que o futuro da Internet está em satélites em orbita a 1200 km da Terra

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Segunda-Feira, 2 de Fevereiro de 2015 - 13:22:51 WET

New Scientist: Race to put internet into orbit

*New Scientist* magazine interviews radio amateur *James Cutler KF6RFX *as
part of their story on plans to launch hundreds of Internet satellites into
a 1200 km orbit

This month, Virgin Galactic and chip-maker Qualcomm announced their backing
of a venture called OneWeb. This plans to put 648 satellites in orbit about
1200 kilometres above Earth's surface, where the round trip time for radio
waves is just a few thousands of a second, fine for any online application.
SpaceX immediately announced its own plan to do the same, building and
launching 4000 satellites to a similar altitude.

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