ARLA/CLUSTER: Curso gratuito online de Engenharia Electrica pela Universidade de Liverpool

João Costa > CT1FBF ct1fbf
Quarta-Feira, 9 de Julho de 2014 - 13:16:30 WEST

Free On-line Electrical Engineering Course

A new Massive Open On-line Course (MOOC) covers Analogue/Digital
Electronics, AC/DC Circuits, Electromechanics and an introduction to C

Over the last few months here at Liverpool we have been putting
together a MOOC (Massive Open On-line Course) which introduces aspects
of electrical engineering. The course starts in September, but you can
sign up now. It's free and there are no gimmicks.

The link to the MOOC info is here:

Any ideas on how to make this course better are welcome.

Matt O’Rourke
MOOC developer
Liverpool University On-line Electrical Engineering Course

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