ARLA/CLUSTER: Nunca é tarde para se enviarem as QSLs esquecidas.

João Gonçalves Costa joao.a.costa
Quinta-Feira, 19 de Agosto de 2010 - 14:41:11 WEST

Oooops! - old outgoing QSLs found

Al, VE1AL, reports: "I am ashamed to admit that I have found a box of QSLs that I thought had been sent via the Bureau many years ago.

"The cards are for QSOs with CY9DXX, CY0DXX, VE1AL and VF1L, plus a few for other callsigns I have used.

"I am integrating my 2010 QSLs for VE1AL with these cards, and they should be in the mail to the Bureau within the next few weeks. Well over 1000 QSLs are involved, and I regret that many will probably be returned due to various reasons.

"All of my computerized logs have been uploaded to LoTW, but that does not include the CY9 or CY0DXX logs.

"I'd appreciate it if the various bulletin editors would let their readers know this information."

Fonte: OPDX
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