ARLA/CLUSTER: Repetidor de FM da ISS-Estação Espacial Internacional (sites a consultar e instruções para operar)

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Segunda-Feira, 4 de Fevereiro de 2008 - 18:38:06 WET

Space Station FM Repeater Active

The crossband 2 metre to 70cm FM repeater on the International Space Station (ISS) has been re-activated.

The downlink can be heard on 145.800 MHz FM and the uplink is 437.800 FM, both plus or minus doppler. There is no need for CTCSS or toneburst.

A guide to using the Space Station repeater can be read at

AMSAT Online Satellite Predictions (select ISS):

Google Earth Satellite Tracking:

Satscape Satellite Tracker:

Getting started on the ISS repeater

It's good to hear the ISS Repeater back active again. To be sucessful takes education and practice.

If you have a simple FM only 5k channel step radio, then you will be liminted in your ability to compensate for doppler.

If you are 5k locked, then it may be easier if you just leave your reciever on 145.800 and concentrate on Doppler on the 70cm side.

Channels for a 5kHz channel step radio:
If you can store cross band splits on your radio, then program in the folllowing channels in this specific order.

(Intruções para operar, tendo em conta o Efeito Doppler)

       Canal       RX      TX   Minuto
        145.805 437.790         0 - 2 AOS
        145.800 437.795         2 - 4
        145.800 437.800 4 - 6
        145.800         437.805 6 - 8
        145.795         437.810         8 - 10 LOS

One of the nice features of FM is that you do not need to be exactly on frequency (although the closer the better).

Each pass is a maximum of 10 minutes long.

During the fist two minutes of the pass, use channel pair #1. During the minutes 2 - 4 use channel pair #2, etc.

A computer with current tracking keps data and doppler (437.800) will help you know more percisly when to change channels.

Full Duplex:
If you have the option to run Full Duplex (Transmit while listening at the same time) then you should enable Auto Mute or put on headphones. I have been hearing many stations not useing headphones with Full Duplex and this results in a lound Squeel. In simple terms, we cant hear your call sign because of the squeel you are generating.

For additional, data, check the link:

I have attached a link by AJ9N about the doppler on ISS.

Also,<> web

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