ARLA/CLUSTER : R.NZi_A06... another amendment.

Carlos L.R. de A.Gonçalves carlos-relvas
Sábado, 8 de Abril de 2006 - 23:01:24 WEST

Good evening again!

R.NZi has again readjusted its A06 schedule, which reads as follows as per 
the station webpage:
    UTC          kHz    azimuth Area
0655-1059   9885      0º      Pacific
1059-1259   9870  325º      NW Pacific
1300-1650   7145      0º      Pacific
1651-1850   7145    35º      NE Pac.
1851-1950   9630      0º      Pacific
    ditto        15720      0º         "
1950-2050 11725      0º         "
    ditto        15720      0º         "
2050-0700 15720      0º         "

Information dtd. 07APR: R.NZi is silent between Sat. 8APR 2214-0700 & Sun. 
2115-0700 UT due to essential installation work at the Rangitaiki HF site.

One thing that annoys me everytime they amend its schedule is the lack of a 
small note on the webpage indicating the actual date when it (the amendment) 
takes (or took) place.  Instedad, and in the case of the A06, they keep 
labelling it as "26 Mar 06-29 Oct 06", as if the schedule in question was 
issued the way it's being present right from the date it became effective. 
Unfortunately, this is only typical common practice with many other 
broadcaters... while others fail to punctually update their schedules on the 
webpage.    Regrettably, our RDPi is one of them, not to mention it often 
fails to disclose schedules when the season changes, let alone disclosing 
the new one in advance, at least for a few days' time.


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