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Segunda-Feira, 19 de Novembro de 2018 - 11:37:31 WET

JY1SAT launch information and Dashboard

*JY1Sat* is an enhanced 1U FUNcube developed for the Crown Prince
Foundation in Jordan. The spacecraft has been named in honour of the Crown
Prince’s grandfather, King Hussein, who operated using his amateur radio
callsign *JY1*

In addition to the usual suite of FUNcube capabilities it will also be
capable of downlinking images in SSDV format.  This image format, developed
by *Phil Heron, MI0VIM*, for use in High Altitude Balloons, is now also
being used from lunar orbit by AO-94 (DSLWP-B).

The telemetry downlink frequency is 145.840 MHz, this will use the usual
FUNcube standard 1k2 BPSK format. The linear transponder, for Single
Sideband (SSB) and CW modes, will downlink on 145.855-145.875 MHz and
uplink on 435.100-435.120 MHz. The transponder is inverting so Lower
Sideband (LSB) should be used on the uplink and Upper Sideband (USB) on the

A new Dashboard has been developed for this mission and is available for
download here

This will operate in exactly the same manner as those developed for
previous missions and general set-up information can be downloaded here

A brand new Data Warehouse has also been created. This can be used to view
the telemetry from ALL of the FUNcube missions. This can his can viewed

This mission will be one of the payloads on the Spaceflight SSO-A mission.
This is currently scheduled to lift-off on Monday, November 19, 2018 at
18:32 GMT from the Vandenberg Air Force base in California. This launch is
expected to have more than sixty other payloads.

The deployment time for JY1SAT has been advised as 4 hours 31 minutes and
54.5 seconds after launch. This means that, allowing for the pre-programmed
delay of 30 minutes between deployment from the POD and the release of the
antennas, the first downlink signals cannot be expected until approximately
23:34 GMT on November 19.

Watch the SSO-A launch live at

Provisional SatPC32 Doppler.sqf data for tracking JY1SAT and other Amateur
Radio satellites on SSO-A at

Initial indications are that the spacecraft will be over NE Australia at

The start-up mode, as usual, is low power telemetry only and we will be
really looking forward to receiving reports  and telemetry. So please,
either upload the data from the Dashboard to the Warehouse in the usual
way, or send a quick email to operations

Satellites with Amateur Radio payloads on the SSO-A mission
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