ARLA/CLUSTER: Primeiro satélite geoestacionário para radioamadores vai ser lançado HOJE.!

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Quinta-Feira, 15 de Novembro de 2018 - 12:58:25 WET

Ham radio geostationary satellite transponders launch today

Florida Today reports the SpaceX launch from Kennedy Space Center will
achieve 'dream' of amateur radio enthusiasts

The newspaper says:

“November-Alpha-One-Sierra-Sierra, this is Kilo-Six-Whiskey-Alpha-Oscar.”

That call could be the start of a conversation between a licensed amateur
radio operator on the ground and an astronaut aboard the International
Space Station.

But the contact would only be possible for up to 10 minutes of the
station's orbit as it whizzed 250 miles overhead at 17,500 mph.

Ham radio communication through the space station and other satellites has
always been limited to low orbits offering short windows for communication
within a spacecraft’s coverage area as it passes by.

That is set to change with SpaceX’s planned Thursday afternoon launch from
Kennedy Space Center of a Qatari communications satellite, Es’hail-2, to an
orbit high over the equator.

AMSAT-DL/BATC team at the Kennedy Space Center

“We’ve never gotten a transponder up in geostationary orbit,” said Joe
Spier K6WAO, president of the nonprofit Radio Amateur Satellite
Corporation, or AMSAT, in North America. “It’s this repeater station in the
sky that stays overhead all the time, and that has long been a dream of
radio amateurs.”

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Further information on Es'hail-2 satellite transponders at
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