ARLA/CLUSTER: Associações francesas chegam a acordo com o regulador para as qualificações minimas exigidas de acesso ao radioamadorismo (Categoria 3)

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Sexta-Feira, 29 de Junho de 2018 - 13:57:32 WEST

 French national societies support ham radio Entry Level License

*REF, DR  F* and other national Societies in France want an amateur radio
Entry Level License (ELL)

Such a license should have access to All Modes, Digital and Analog.

REF say the current single class system was imposed by the Regulator on
radio amateurs without any consultation in 2011-2012. It removed the Entry
Level Class 3 license which had required a straight-forward 15 minute exam
of 20 questions.

The REF report on the recent meeting of the various national societies with
the Regulator DGE can be read in Google English at

DR  F respond to DGE consultation

Could a new UK Entry Level Licence boost VHF/UHF activity?
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