ARLA/CLUSTER: Época de Furacões no Atlântico - Frequencias das Redes de Radioamadores

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Quarta-Feira, 27 de Junho de 2018 - 13:12:02 WEST

Atlantic hurricane season - ham radio nets

On the IARU Region 1 site *Greg Mossop G0DUB* reports on the amateur radio
nets that may be active during the Atlantic Hurricane Season June 1 to
November 30

So it is time to remind the wider Amateur Radio community that the
following frequencies may be in use by nets in North and Central America to
track and deal with the consequences of these severe weather events. Radio
Amateurs in Region 2 play their part in gathering and distributing
information for the weather and emergency services as they do every year.

Radio Amateurs in Region 1 are reminded it is possible to cause
unintentional QRM to these nets so please listen carefully if operating
near these frequencies:

Belize: 7.177MHz
Caribbean Emergency & Weather Nets (CEWN): 3.815 & 7.162 MHz
Caribbean Emergency: 14.185 MHz
Central America: 7.090 & 3.750 MHz
Cuba: 3.720, 3.740, 7.110 and 7.120 MHz
Eastern Caribbean Narrow Band Emergency System Net: 7.036 MHz USB (Olivia &
Guatemala: 7.075 MHz
Mexico: 3.690, 3.693(Alternative), 7.060 & 14.120 MHz
Nicaragua: Main Frequencies 3.798, 7.098, 14.298 MHz Alternate Frequencies
3.898, 7.108, 14.198MHz
Panama: 7.085 MHz
Republica Dominicana: 3.780, 7.065 (Main), 14.280 MHz

Maritime Mobile Service Net: 14.300 MHz
Salvation Army Team Emergency Radio Network (SATERN): 14.265 MHz
Hurricane Watch Net: 14.325 MHz (day) 7.268MHz (Night)
National Hurricane Centre ( WX4NHC ) 14.325MHz

Other local emergency communications groups may also activate if a
hurricane approaches their area and those frequencies would be announced at
the time.

Thanks to the National Societies and Emergency Communications Groups of
IARU Region 2 for updating their frequency information.

IARU Region 1
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