ARLA/CLUSTER: Novo HF Managers Handbook versão 9 da IARU Região 1

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Sexta-Feira, 22 de Junho de 2018 - 13:49:30 WEST

 New HF Managers Handbook available

IARU Region 1 have released version 9 of the HF Managers Handbook PDF

The IARU-R1 site says:

This new edition contains mainly changes agreed during the 2008 IARU Region
1 Conference in Cavtat, 2011 IARU Region 1 Conference in Sun City, 2014
IARU Region 1 Conference in Varna, IARU Region 1 Interim Meeting Vienna
2016 and IARU Region 1 Conference in Landshut 2017.

Compared to older editions, the structure of the chapters has been revised
in order to make content more accessible to interested readers.

The HF Manager’s Handbook is intended primarily as a guide for HF Managers.
In some cases, you can also use the new handbook as a reference book. And
it should also help member societies that want to start their own HF
Committee. Therefore, this book contains some historical articles in favor
of new representatives of the HF Committee, who may not always know what
has happened in the past.
Chapter 1 gives an idea of what the IARU HF Committee is. Chapter 2
provides an overview of recommendations that focus on HF operations -
including those for daily use. See Chapter 3 for the current bandplan. For
technical standards, see Chapter 4. In Chapter 5 you will find additional
documents that do not fit the other categories. And last but not least
Chapter 6 gives an overview of changes to previous editions.

A number of chapters have also been transferred across to the main Region 1
website at Also you will find some links to external websites,
namely those by the ITU.

The accuracy of this book to a great extent depends on YOU - the user of
the book. If you find anything that is wrong, or if you find that something
should be added or changed, please tell me. Any ideas for expansions or
corrections will be appreciated.

*Tom Kamp DF5JL*
HF Committee Chairman (C4)

Download the PDF from
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