ARLA/CLUSTER: Novo portátil Icom IC-R30 receptor Digital / Analógico

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Sexta-Feira, 22 de Junho de 2018 - 13:43:07 WEST

 Introducing the Icom IC-R30 Digital/Analogue Wideband Communications

The *IC-R30* is Icom's latest wideband handheld receiver. Not only does it
receive over a wide (0.1 to 3304.999 MHz) frequency range in AM, FM, WFM,
USB, LSB and CW, but it can also decode digital modes including P25, NXDN,
dPMR, D-STAR and Japanese domestic DCR.

With this much capability going on you could feel that you could get
swamped by the potential number of signals you could receive. However, the
IC-R30 has been designed to make scanning effortless and intuitive. A
2.3-inch large, dot-matrix display is incorporated allowing for large
amounts of information to be clearly and logically arranged. The
four-direction keypad provides straight-forward operation of all functions.
The IC-R30 features high-speed scanning of 200 channels per second as well
as various other scanning features.

The IC-R30 enables you to monitor two different bands (such as HF & UHF
signals) simultaneously via the Dualwatch Operation. The IC-R30 also allows
you to record the individual audio of two bands received while in the
Dualwatch mode onto a microSD card in WAV format by utilising the Dual Band
Recording Function.

The IC-R30 provides IP57 waterproof protection (1m depth of water for 30
minutes), so you won’t have any problem using it outdoors in the rain. The
built-in USB port has a range of convenient uses. You can either charge the
IC-R30 in approximately 5 hours or carry out data transfer (including
loading Memory channels) and CI-V remote control.

To find out more about this new handheld receiver visit the dedicated  *IC-R30
Wideband Communications Receiver Product Page*

The IC-R30 is available from all Authorised Icom Amateur radio dealers.
This new handheld receiver has a suggested retail price of £575.99 inc.VAT.

High-resolution images of this new model can be downloaded from the  *Icom
UK Image Bank* <> .

The UK version of the IC-R30 contains UK D-Star repeaters, UK FM repeaters
and some Broadcast FM station frequencies preprogrammed.
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