ARLA/CLUSTER: O misterioso uso de equipamentos de ondas curtas pelos mercados financeiros

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Terça-Feira, 19 de Junho de 2018 - 13:52:13 WEST

Use of shortwave radio by financial markets

Bloomberg reports that financial market traders are using a super-charged
version of techniques dear to amateur radio operators worldwide

On a 58-acre field that grew corn last year, two towers rising about 170
feet support a military-grade antenna shaped like a giant spider’s web. The
array is pointed toward market centers in New York, London and Frankfurt. A
third pole, topped with a single round microwave dish, is aimed at a data
center 16 miles away that powers one of the world’s largest trading hubs:
the futures exchanges run by CME Group Inc.

But public records point to a probable explanation: Traders appear to be
testing the idea of using shortwave technology to convey data between the
CME facility and key exchanges around the globe -- a few millionths of a
second faster than rivals. That can be the difference between winning and
losing in high-frequency markets, where the ferocious battle for being
first continues to escalate.

The secret project in Maple Park, Illinois, was discovered -- appropriately
enough -- by a ham-radio enthusiast, *Bob Van Valzah KE9YQ*. It remains
shrouded in mystery. Even county officials and neighbors are unclear about
its purpose.

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