ARLA/CLUSTER: Regulador holandês actua contra o abuso nos repetidores de amador por não licenciados

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Segunda-Feira, 18 de Junho de 2018 - 13:47:02 WEST

 Dutch regulator acts against repeater abuse

VERON reports inspectors from the Netherlands Radiocommunications Agency
acted last week against a young man who transmitted on PI2NOS 70cm Repeater
without a license

A Google English translation of the VERON post reads:

During the investigation various stations were found that he was not
allowed to have. These have confiscated the inspectors and they will
prepare an official report.

The public prosecutor is expected to impose a fine on this and decides what
happens to the confiscated cases. In addition to this official report, it
will be investigated whether a cease and desist order can also be imposed,
so that this young man can immediately be fined a substantial
administrative fine in the case of renewed illegal transmissions, without
having to go ahead with an extensive investigation into the home.

Despite the fact that locating intruders or misbehaving hams is a difficult
matter, the inspectors are in good spirits and hope to be able to report
more successes in the short term. Information about such persons remains
very welcome via repeaterstoringen

Much useful information has already been reported by radio amateurs.

VERON in Google English
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