ARLA/CLUSTER: LilacSat-1 com o transponder de Voz Digital com o Codec2

João Costa > CT1FBF ct1fbf
Sexta-Feira, 26 de Maio de 2017 - 13:49:12 WEST

LilacSat-1 with Codec2 Digital Voice transponder

The student built *LilacSat-1* satellite with amateur radio 145/436 MHz FM
to Codec2-BPSK digital voice transponder, APRS Digipeater and camera was
deployed from the ISS on May 25 at 0845 GMT

The satellite was developed at the Harbin Institute of Technology and is
part of the QB50 mission which aims to study the lower thermosphere. The
main payload is an ion and neutral particle mass spectrometer (INMS)
developed by the University of London (UCL) to measure the mass and
distribution of charged and neutral atoms.

Shortly after deployment LilacSat-1 took a picture of the solar panels on
the ISS. The image was received by the students on 436.510 MHz +/- 10 kHz
Doppler Shift using 9600 bps BPSK.

The FM to Codec2-BPSK transponder was activated late afternoon GMT on
Thursday, May 25:
• FM Uplink 145.985 MHz with 67 Hz CTCSS (PL Tone)
• Codec2 9600 bps BPSK Downlink 436.510 MHz

LilacSat-1 radio information

LilacSat-1 Codec2 downlink by *Daniel Estévez EA4GPZ / M0HXM*

Harbin Institute of Technology Amateur Radio Club BY2HIT
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