ARLA/CLUSTER: É possível aprender o código Morse subconscientemente, segundo artigo publicado na Revista "Scientific American".

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Terça-Feira, 24 de Janeiro de 2017 - 13:42:33 WET

 How to Learn Morse Code - Semiconsciously

Scientific American magazine reports learning Morse code, with its
tappity-tap rhythms of dots and dashes, could take far less effort—and
attention—than one might think

The trick is a wearable computer that engages the sensory powers of
touch, according to a recent pilot study. The results suggest that
mobile devices may be able to teach us manual skills, almost
subconsciously, as we go about our everyday routines.

Ph.D. student Caitlyn Seim and computer science professor Thad Starner
of the Georgia Institute of Technology tinker with haptics, the
integration of vibrations or other tactile cues with computing

Last September at the 20th International Symposium on Wearable
Computers in Heidelberg, Germany, they announced that they had
programmed Google Glass to passively teach its wearers Morse code—
with preliminary signs of success.

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