ARLA/CLUSTER: IARU divulga preparação para a futura WRC-19

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Quarta-Feira, 18 de Janeiro de 2017 - 13:08:10 WET

Further preparations for WRC-19

A meeting has taken place in the past week in CEPT, which included agenda
items considering matters of interest to the Amateur Radio Services at

At committee PTD in Helsinki, IARU experts were involved in discussions on
WRC Agenda Item 1.1, which proposes an allocation in Region 1 in the 50-54
MHz band, to create a global band at these frequencies. For CEPT, the
coordinator for this Agenda item is Hans Blondeel Timmerman, PB2T.

The discussions made progress on matters associated with the spectrum needs
for the amateur service and sharing with other services but there remains
much still to do and IARU will continue to work on these studies with
administrations and others to establish the optimum future sharing scenarios

The CEPT summary of the outcome of these discussions states:

*PTD updated the draft CEPT Brief. In particular, a preliminary CEPT
position was agreed on agenda item 1.1, which would support a new
allocation in the frequency range 50-54 MHz to the amateur service in
Region 1 only if the spectrum needs for the amateur services are justified
and studies show that incumbent services, including their future deployment
and services in adjacent spectrum are protected.*

*PTD developed a working document summarizing the sharing studies currently
available for this agenda item. It covers the compatibility between the
amateur service in the band 50-54 MHz and incumbent services (land mobile,
radiolocation and broadcasting)*

Another item discussed at PTD was Wireless Power Transfer, in preparation
for WRC19 Agenda Item 9.1.6. An IARU paper which argued that greater
clarity is needed in terminology and scope of studies to be undertaken on
high power wireless transfer technologies was broadly welcomed and is
expected to  result in a CEPT contribution to ITU WP1B, the committee
charged with developing the wireless power transfer spectrum allocation and
related issues.

IARU will continue to actively participate in discussions in its Regional
Telecommunications Organisations (CEPT, ATU, ASMG and RCC) as well as the
all-important forum of ITU.

International Amateur Radio Union - Region 1
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