ARLA/CLUSTER: Cazaquistão também já tem acesso à Banda dos 60m (5 MHz)

João Costa > CT1FBF ct1fbf
Sexta-Feira, 6 de Janeiro de 2017 - 12:38:07 WET

60m band allocated in Kazakhstan

According to the letter from the state enterprise 'Committee on state
control in sphere of telecommunications, informatization and mass
media' which is the radio spectrum management authority in Kazakhstan
with the outbound # 16-1/1824-i dated 22nd of December 2016, the
amateur radio service in Kazakhstan has been allocated the 5351.5 -
5366.5 kHz band (60m) on the secondary basis.

This allocation is received after the Association of the Amateur Radio
Services of Kazakhstan has addressed the issue to the Minister on
information and communications of Kazakhstan, Mr. D. A. Abayev, in
order to allow allocation of the band based on resolutions of the
WRC-15. Thus, now the Kazakhstani radio amateurs have received the new
HF band for their use.

Currently there is no clarity in regard to the maximum allowed output
power on the band and station category based restrictions (if any).
These issues will be clarified by the AARSK separately.

Congratulations to the Kazakhstani radio amateurs with the new stage
of radio amateur service development.

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