ARLA/CLUSTER: FCC rejeita amplificadores lineares com uma tolerancia de 15dB

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Não são 15 dB de tolerância, frase que não parece fazer muito sentido. O que a FCC recusou foi a importação e venda de amplificadores lineares (RF) com ganho superior a 15 dB.


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FCC rejects amplifier waiver request

The ARRL reports the FCC has denied Expert Linears’ request for waiver of 15 dB dB gain restriction on linear amplifiers 

Its waiver request, filed in June, would have allowed Expert to import an amplifier capable of exceeding the current 15 dB gain limitation as it awaits FCC action on its April petition (RM-11767) to revise the same Amateur Service rules. That petition remains pending.

Most commenters supported Expert’s waiver request, but a couple of commenters — including FlexRadio — demurred.

“In light of the conflicting comments regarding the desirability of eliminating the 15 dB limitation, we conclude that waiving the limitation at this stage of the rulemaking proceeding would prejudice the rulemaking proceeding and prematurely dispose of commenters’ concerns,” the FCC said in denying the waiver. “Moreover, we agree with FlexRadio that granting Expert’s waiver request while the rulemaking petition remains pending would provide an unfair market advantage for one equipment model over other manufacturers’ RF power amplifiers that would still be limited by [the existing rules].”

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