ARLA/CLUSTER: InnovAntennas lança a terceira geração de antenas Yagi LFA para 2017

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Quinta-Feira, 29 de Dezembro de 2016 - 12:53:29 WET

InnovAntennas launches the LFA-3 Yagi – Third Generation LFA Yagi for 2017

Justin Johnson G0KSC of InnovAntennas Limited, part of IHSG announced
today the launch of the third generation LFA Yagi, the LFA-3. A full
range of the latest release of the low noise Yagi will be launched
throughout 2017 with the first appearing on the InnovAntennas website
( prior to the 2016 year end.

The LFA become well-known in 2007 with G0KSC first presented the LFA
Yagi within the pages of DUBUS magazine which boasted a direct 50Ohm
feed point and closed loop driven element system which provides two of
the attributes that help the LFA Yagi provide its unparalleled
low-noise performance well suited to the needs of the city dwelling
amateur radio enthusiast.

‘’The LFA-3 is the next step in the development of the LFA Yagi with
even more gain and F/B per foot of boom than ever before’’ Justin
shared at the press release. ‘’Some companies produce the very early
LFA designs which appear on the website although
quality and build interpretation have often fell short. For this
reason, only companies where I have a direct input into the way these
antennas are built will have the authorisation to construct and resale
these third generation designs and right now that is limited to
InnovAntennas (and IHSG member companies) with a limited number of
models that will be available through Hy-Gain and Cushcraft early next

‘’To give an example of the level of performance now being achieved, a
4 element 50mHz LFA on a 3.9m long boom delivers 10.74dBi (8.6dBd) and
over 23dB F/B while still providing stability in wet weather and an
ultra-low noise pattern. It is often this combination of all of the
above mentioned attributes that so many designers and users alike,
fail to recognise as being important for the production and a
successful Yagi that serves the needs of a modern day ham living in a
noisy urban environment.’’

For more information of the LFA-3 and which bands it will be available
on first, call Justin G0KSC at InnovAntennas on +44 203 384 0072 or
Email sales

InnovAntennas Limited / International Ham Stores Group ,
Unit 1,
Fitzherbert Spur,
Hampshire UK PO6 1TT

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