ARLA/CLUSTER: Será que vale a pena investir no antena tuner LDG IT-100 recomendado para os transceptores da Icom

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Why you should consider the LDG IT-100 for your Icom transceiver

Do you own an Icom Transceiver and is your aerial a long wire or
doublet type, or a vertical, if you answer yes to these questions I
would consider buying the tuner, for these reasons.

Small Size Enclosure: 6.5L" x 6.5W" x 1.25H". Weight: 1.5 pounds.

The L.D.G. does a better match over a greater impedance range than the
ICOM tuner especially if a balanced to unbalanced transformer is
fitted, I used a 4:1 transformer this allows an aerial of impedance 16
ohms through to 3600 ohms to be matched.

The tuner without the balanced to unbalanced transformer will give you
a 4 to 800 ohm load match from 1.8 Megahertz through to 54 Megahertz,
to operate the tuner you simply press a button on the front of the
unit, or you can start the matching by pressing the P.T.T. switch.

There is no need to constantly check the V.S.W.R. reading because the
tuner is automatic, as you tune up and down the band the tuner
connects as the S.W.R. exceeds a pre-set limit, an ideal facility when
using the IC-7100 in a mobile or portable situation.

I like the fact that the tuner has 2000 memories which are stored in
the unit, if you are near a frequency which you have previously used
the tuner remember the settings.

Because the L.D.G. is matched to you particular rig, the tuner
automatically reduces your power, transmits a carrier signal then
restores your original power setting.

Using the ICOM IC-7100 and a doublet dipole, which is essentially a
dipole cut for the lowest frequency your aerial space can accommodate
in my case an eighty metre dipole cut for the C.W. portion of the
band, and fed with open wire feeder. I make my own open wire
feed-line, use the same wire you have used for the radiator and space
the wires about four inches apart.

You are looking at a total top length of about 132 feet for eighty
metres, adding approximately 30 feet of open wire feed-line the
L.D.G.IT-100 gave me a good match from the middle of 160 metres
through to ten metres. This demonstrates the range of impedance the
device will match, and I use about 100 watts of power.

Concluding this article about the L.D.G. IT-100, I would recommend it
if you enjoy mobile working or portable operation because the matching
range is very large and convenient, automatic matching works well and
it is very fast. I used the tuner with a quarter wavelength whip for
twenty metres and in conjunction with a 4:1 transformer the tuner gave
a good match all the way through to six metres or 50 Megahertz.

John Allsopp G4YDM

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