ARLA/CLUSTER: Radio-balão lançado de Bristol circunavega o Planeta.

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Segunda-Feira, 26 de Dezembro de 2016 - 18:06:18 WET

UBSEDS21 student balloon circumnavigates globe

On December 11 Bristol students launched the UBSED21 high altitude
balloon carrying 434 MHz and APRS transmitters. On December 23 it
completed its first trip around the world

The UBSEDS21 balloon was built from 50 micron thick PA-EVOH-PE
multilayer film and is about 1.9 meters in diameter, the payload
weight was 34.2 grams.

The winter launch means the payload needs to deal with the sun staying
low above the horizon during the day. For this reason, sideways facing
solar panels were used.

After launch the balloon headed east at an altitude of 15.2 km,
traveling across Kazakhstan, Mongolia and Japan before crossing the
Pacific Ocean. During the flight across North America it was received
by the creator of APRS Bob Bruninga WB4APR while he was Mobile in
Annapolis MD.

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Richard M0SBU who is involved in the UBSEDS project took the amateur
radio training courses run by the Chelmsford Amateur Radio Society
(CARS) at Danbury in Essex. Further information on the courses is
available from the CARS Training Coordinator, Christopher G0IPU
Tel: 07908-107951
Email: training2017 at

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