ARLA/CLUSTER: Transmissor de 10 GHz por 3 euros

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Quarta-Feira, 21 de Dezembro de 2016 - 13:17:52 WET

10 GHz for 3 euros using Opera

Peter Knol PA1SDB describes a 10 GHz transmitter costing just 3 Euros
which can be used with the weak signal beacon software Opera

These days a variety of RF modules can be used by Experimenters to
build low-cost transceivers for the bands above 1 GHz. Such modules
are popular with hobbyists in the 2.4 and 5 GHz licence exempt bands.

In this article Peter describes how he used the 3 Euro HB100 Miniature
Microwave Motion Sensor which is an X-Band Bi-Static Doppler
transceiver module. Using the free Opera software and dish antennas he
was able to decode the 10 GHz signal at distances up to 32km.

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