ARLA/CLUSTER: A "voz" do Pai Natal promete chegar mais forte à America do Norte

João Costa > CT1FBF ct1fbf
Terça-Feira, 20 de Dezembro de 2016 - 12:47:33 WET

Welcoming Santa to the Xmas scene, with more firepower towards North America

With December 20th approaching, the Elves at OF9X have captured more
than 20,000 QSOs but only some 1,200 to the U.S. Efforts are
continuing towards doubling that number, and more firepower is being
added to the OF9X U.S. script.

Santa will arrive on American soil, activating W1/OF9X from New
Hampshire (NH). When finally boarding his sleigh, he will say goodbye
to America as W7/OF9X from Tacoma, WA. Working Santa from these two
U.S. locations adds 25 points each to the Santa Award program, as
compensation for Mother Nature’s poor propagation.

Please check for the latest details at

Santa is ever grateful to Ray, W2RE, and Lee, WW2DX, at Remote Ham
Radio for supporting him on his world
tour, featuring the latest amateur radio remote technology.

Santa will start appearing also from his site starting this Wednesday.

He can talk to you and your children daily, starting at 20:00 UTC, via
video/audio streaming at:

Santa will personally invite the top scorers for a private
conversation with their children and grandchildren later this week.
You can also ask for an appointment after your first QSO with OF9X.
Please see the
application format further below on this page.

The popular Elf-Hunt has put hundreds of DXers in arms, going for all
band slots on a variety of bands; see Clublog for the current scoring
situation The global Top
Ten should be commended for their dedication to Santa Claus and for
honoring the statement of Margaret Thatcher during her term as the
United Kingdom’s Prime Minister: “A small elf resides in all of us” –
particularly in these turbulent times!

The global Top Ten is as follows, while the continental leaders are
presented at the end of this page. Great job so far as the race is
continuing; :
1: YO6CFB (55), 2: DL3ZZ (34), 3: DL4FCS (31), 4: SM5DJZ (30),
5: IK1GPG (20), 6: EA2KR (20), 7: CT1IUA (19), 8: G0TSM (18),
9: 9A2JK (18), 10: G4UDU (18) ASIA: 1: RV9DC (20), 2: JA4DND (17), 3:
JA4LKB (13), 4: JA1HGY (13), 5: JH4ADV (11)

NORTH AMERICA: 1: N4MM (10), 2: K5KLA (7) 3: WX1S (6) 4: VE3CRG (6), 5: W1JR (5)

SOUTH AMERICA: 1: PY2XU (8), 2: PZ5RA (3), 3: LU3DW (3), 4: PY1FC (2),
5: PY6RT (2)

AFRICA: 1: EA8DO (15), 2: EA8PT (4), 3: EA8BFY (4), 4: EA8AXT (3), 5: EC8CQ (3)

OCEANIA: 1: VK2KJJ (11), 2: VK3EW (4), 3: VK3SIM (4), 4: VK3GK (3), 5: ZL3CW (2)

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