ARLA/CLUSTER: Disponível Versão 1.06 dogparkSDR

João Costa > CT1FBF ct1fbf
Segunda-Feira, 19 de Dezembro de 2016 - 11:14:15 WET

dogparkSDR Version 1.06 released

Dog Park Software is pleased to announce that version 1.06 of
dogparkSDR has been released.

dogparkSDR is the first Native Mac client for the Flex Radio Systems
Signature series SDR Radios.

What's new in this version:
* macOS 10.12 (Sierra) compatible.
* Compatible with SmartSDR v1.10.8 firmware.
* Added Band Edge markers (MacLoggerDX v6.06).
* Improved very low bandwidth display.
* Fixed Alternate VFO RIT and XIT Pan lines.
* MacLoggerDX spots - single click tunes, double-click also does lookup.
* Fixed Mic selection popup bug.

This is a free update for all Version 1 customers and can be
downloaded from:

There is a 20 minute timeout on this Demo but it can be run multiple
times without registering.

Since 1991 Dog Park Software Ltd. has been providing the Amateur Radio
community with the best in Ham Software for the Mac and iOS including
MacLoggerDX, MacDoppler, MacLoggerDX for iPad, iSpectrum Audio
Analyzer and now dogparkSDR.

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