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Ham Radio - Should I buy the Icom IC-7100 transceiver?

The Icom IC-7100 is a High Frequency, (H.F.) transceiver covering the ham
radio spectrum from 1.8 Megahertz through to 30 Megahertz, all mode
capability including S.S.B., both upper and lower, C.W. A.M. and F.M. modes
at your fingertips.

The transceiver also features the four metre band together with six metres,
two metres and seventy centimetres the latter allocations have the benefit
of all mode capability making the IC-7100 an ideal transceiver for the
newcomer, you would be hard pressed to find a multi-mode all band
transceiver as a rival to the IC-7100.

Essentially the rig is a mobile transceiver, there is no aerial matching
unit built-in and you will have to provide a power supply capable of
proving 25 watts at 13.8 D.C. Volts. A simple dipole or vertical could be
easily constructed for portable operation.

If you intend to use the transceiver in the shack, extendable feet on the
control unit makes the head stable and easy to use. A mounting bracket is
also available if you intend to operate the transceiver as a mobile rig,
this device uses a suction cup on the base, where it can be secured to a
Dash board top for easy use, however I am not a great supporter of mobile
operation, but you can use the IC-7100 in the car as a portable station
which is safer.

The face of the IC-7100 has a touch screen for convenient mode and band
change operations; you simply touch and hold the band display and it will
step through the complete H.F. allocation. The six metre band will appear
as you change bands; however the four metre allocation is selected manually.

Modes are easily changed using the touch screen and filter widths are
altered using a button and the main tuning dial. The dial has a Brake
arrangement to tighten the tuning rate, which is useful if operating
portable, it does prevent accidental tuning. You can also set the dial to
step through channels at different frequency spacing which is a benefit
when using the two metre or seventy centimetre band where we use set
channel steps especially on F.M. Operation.

Other useful features include digital Noise reduction filtering, an
effective Noise Blanking control and the automatic gain control can be set
to fast or slow these settings are used when receiving S.S.B. or C.W., they
enhance the receiving of these modes when band conditions including fading
occur. A C.W. or Morse code reader is built in to the IC-7100 adding
another convenient feature.

Squelch and volume controls together with R.F., (Radio Frequency) gain
control are placed on the left hand side of the IC-7100 and are
conveniently positioned for altering these most used controls.

Buttons along the front of the IC-7100 control panel provide automatic
tuner activation, together with mic gain and output power control. A button
for C.W. speed and pitch are also provided for the keen Morse code
enthusiast. A notch control is also provided for eliminating stations
nearby to your operating frequency.

There is provision for memory channels to be stored and scanned, and you
can also scan portions of a band, a convenient feature when using the
transceiver outside of the Ham Band allocation.

D-star mode is also incorporated into the IC-7100, my transceiver came with
a number of digital repeaters and reflectors already in memory channels,
however you can easily modify this list to suit your own area.

My conclusion, to this article about the Icom IC-7100 is that it would be
an excellent starter transceiver for anyone entering the World of Ham
radio. The rig has all the major bands built into a very small box which is
at home on a shack desk top or on dashboard of a vehicle. It combines all
bands with all modes so you will never miss out on not being able to listen
to a signal.

All the Short wave broadcasts from stations around the World can be
monitored, together with a number of utility services. Medium wave and long
wave bands work exceptionally well, I used a frame aerial for this part of
the radio spectrum. The VHF air band works very well together with many
P.M.R. users throughout the VHF spectrum including the Internal FM Marine
band. Digital mode enthusiasts will find that the IC-7100 works very well
when plugged into your laptop or computer.

John Allsopp G4YDM

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