ARLA/CLUSTER: 3Y0Z: Actualização do projecto DXpedition à ilha de Bouvet em 2018

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Segunda-Feira, 12 de Dezembro de 2016 - 13:18:07 WET

Bouvet Island DXpedition update

*Bob, K4UEE*, sent out the following on December 7th:
The Bouvet Island DXpedition Team is happy to report the following:
After extensive examination, we have found a suitable landing zone on
Bouvet Island and have identified what appears to be the best operating
location in the area.

Our proposed site is at 540 24’ 23” South and 30 24’ 39” East at
approximately 600 ft. ASL. This is on the Slakhallet Glacier on the
northeast quadrant of Bouvet. It is relatively flat with areas of maximum
slope not exceeding 8 degrees. This is well below slope levels that are
prone to avalanches. We have less information on the presence of crevasses,
but do not detect any on the highest resolution images that we have. Of
course, an on-site inspection upon our initial helicopter landing will
determine our actual operating location.

We have researched and selected our Antarctic shelters. These four shelters
will house our stations, our sleeping quarters, and our eating and meeting
facility (the MEG tent). These were selected to survive the high winds,
precipitation, and temperatures expected on Bouvet. We will heat our
operating shelter and the MEG tent. Our sleeping shelters will not be
heated for safety reasons.

The ten HF beams that served us so well on Amsterdam Island (FT5ZM) will
accompany us to Bouvet. We intend to deploy them on a line along
2400 to 600. This will keep the antennas from beaming into each other when
aimed at Europe, Japan, and North America. Our verticals for 160, 80, 60,
40, and 30 meters will be placed to minimize interaction. Images of our
antenna plans, shelter layouts, and shelter interiors are on our website.

The Japanese support team has reorganized and will be led by Hiro, JA4DND.
Joe, JJ3PRT, will be our new pilot for Japan. JA4BUA, Kuwa, will be in
charge of web and IT duties, and JK1KSB, Oku, will do our public relations.
In addition, we’ve added a VK-ZL-Oceania pilot, VK6VZ.

Our on-line store has opened! You can now shop at Café Press for 3Y0Z
souvenirs --- mugs, hats, cups, T-shirts, etc. You can purchase fun and
usable products and at the same time...

Support the 3Y0Z team.
Our Facebook page, 3Y0Z-Bouvet Island DXpedition, now has over 1500
followers. Stop by for photos, articles, updates, and meeting fellow DXers.
Fund-raising is an on-going process for us. This is a demanding and
expensive project; possibly the most expensive DXpedition ever.
We ask for your financial support. Please click on our "Donate" buttons on
our website and help us make this happen.

The Bouvet Island DXpedition-2018 Team wishes you and your families a
wonderful Holiday season and a New Year filled with DX!
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