ARLA/CLUSTER: IARU continua com os preparativos para a WRC-19.

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Segunda-Feira, 12 de Dezembro de 2016 - 10:44:47 WET

IARU continues preparations for WRC-19

The International Amateur Radio Union has issued an update on
preparations for the World Radio Conference in 2019

IARU’s prime roles are to work in the areas of spectrum privileges
(gaining or retaining spectrum for the amateur radio services) and
spectrum protection (making sure that our spectrum remains available
for use and free from serious human-made interference)

To do this we work in the international standards bodies (CISPR,
CENELEC and ETSI), the Regional Telecommunications Organisations
around the world (eg CEPT, CITEL, APT, ATU) and of course ITU. The ITU
is the United Nation’s specialised agency for telecommunications. Its
Web Site contains a considerable amount of material and documentation
of interest to the amateur service, much of which can be downloaded

In the last month, IARU representatives have attended the CEPT
Electronic Communications Committee (ECC) – the policy-making body of
CEPT, one of the many CEPT committees at which IARU is present. IARU
was also present at ITU Working Parties under Study Group 5, whose
remit is to study matters relating to terrestrial radiocommunication
services, which includes the amateur service.   WP5A is working to
prepare for the World Radiocommunication Conference in 2019 with a
focus which includes the Amateur Radio Services. At its November
meeting it:

• Completed revisions to Recommendation ITU-R M.1732 dealing with
parameters to be used in sharing studies regarding the compatibility
of amateur service operations with other radio services mainly in the
50 – 54 MHz band. It also generated four liaison statements to other
groups. “Liaison statements” are the ways in which working parties
alert each other to matters of common interest,

• Continued work on the sharing and compatibility studies required for
WRC-19 agenda item 1.1 which addresses an amateur allocation in ITU
Region 1 in common with those already available in Regions 2 and 3 in
the band 50 – 54 MHz. Sharing studies consider the criteria under
which spectrum can be shared between differing radio services,

• Addressed other WRC-19 agenda items which could impact the amateur service,

• Updated the WP5A Webpage information document “Guide to the use of
ITU-R texts relating to the amateur and amateur-satellite services”,

• Reviewed liaison statements from other ITU Working parties on topics
of relevance to the amateur services and generated some liaison
statements itself.

IARU will continue to be active in ITU and Regional Telecommunications
Organisations as preparations advance for the next World Radio
Conference in 2019. The coming weeks will see IARU participating in
CEPT’s Conference Preparatory Group for WRC-19 and in its Project Team


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