ARLA/CLUSTER: 95º Aniversário da primeiro comunicação transatlântica em HF, vai ser comemorada no próximo domingo

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Quinta-Feira, 8 de Dezembro de 2016 - 13:57:47 WET

Transatlantic Reception Anniversary December 11

The ARRL report an Amateur Radio special event on December 11 will
commemorate the 95th anniversary of the first transatlantic shortwave
reception between Greenwich, Connecticut, and Scotland.

A school near the original site is hosting the event. ARRL, the Radio
Society of Great Britain (RSGB), and the Radio Club of America (RCA),
are partnering in sponsoring the activity. The Greenwich Historical
Society will also participate.

On December 11, 1921, reception in Ardrossan, Scotland, of a radio
signal transmitted from the official test station of Minton Cronkhite,
1BCG, in a small shack on the corner of Clapboard Ridge Road and North
Street in Greenwich, helped to usher in the age of global
communication. The special event will use N1BCG, the call sign of
Clark Burgard of Greenwich, who obtained that call sign to commemorate
this bit of radio history. Burgard was instrumental in making
arrangements for the event.

The N1BCG special event will begin on Sunday, December 11, at 1200 and
conclude at 0300 UTC on December 12. It will include an attempt at a
two-way contact between N1BCG and GB2ZE, operated by Jason O'Neill,
GM7VSB, in Ardrossan.

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