ARLA/CLUSTER: Emissões em SSTV a partir de amanhã e até dia 9, desde a ISS no modo experimental MAI-75

João Costa > CT1FBF ct1fbf
Quarta-Feira, 7 de Dezembro de 2016 - 13:03:23 WET

Slow-Scan television transmissions scheduled from ISS

Slow-scan television (SSTV) transmissions from the International Space
Station (ISS) are scheduled for December 8-9. The SSTV images will be
transmitted from RS0ISS on 145.800 MHz FM as part of the Moscow
Aviation Institute MAI-75 Experiment, using the Kenwood TM-D710
transceiver in the ISS Service Module.

MAI-75 activities have been scheduled on December 8, 1235-1800 UTC,
and December 9, 1240-1740 UTC. These times correspond to passes over
Moscow, Russia. ISS transmissions on 145.800 MHz FM use 5-kHz
deviation, and SSTV transmissions have used the PD120 and PD180

The ISS Fan Club website at can show when
the space station is within range of your station. On Windows PCs the
free application MMSSTV can decode the signal. On Apple iOS devices,
use the SSTV app available through iTunes.


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