ARLA/CLUSTER: Concurso IARU R1 VHF - Onde estão os limites.?

João Costa > CT1FBF ct1fbf
Sexta-Feira, 11 de Setembro de 2015 - 14:02:38 WEST

IARU R1 VHF Contest - Where are the limits?

S51FB, S51ML, S52AA and S53WW have analysed the 2014 IARU R1 VHF contest results

While playing with a database consisting of 146k QSOs that were made
during 2014 September VHF contest, Matjaž/S51ML came to an idea to
create some very interesting video clips and EU maps. His work was a
trigger for us four to start digging through the data (it smelled like
a “big data” project, hi) and creating even larger database from
previous years contests (well done by S5 VHF Manager Miha/S51FB).

This turned out not to be so simple and it is a pity that IARU R1
organization was not able to create and maintain a public repository
of all the electronic logs that were received for September, October
and June IARU R1 contests in the past (we all are well into the 21st
century, but are we?). Not even the results of the VHF&up contests
were available and maintained by IARU R1 VHF manager - we should thank
to Matej/OK1TEH for all his effort in creating and maintaining the
history of VHF&up activity in EU ( ).

Anyway, we were able to find large enough number of electronic logs
for contests back to year 2007 only.

Read their article at

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