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Quinta-Feira, 10 de Setembro de 2015 - 13:27:41 WEST

Software to find stolen Wi-Fi-enabled devices

An anonymous reader writes to say that an Iowa City police officer is
developing a new concept to help police find more stolen property.

The Gazette has a short report that officer *David Schwindt*, inspired by a
forensics class, is working on L8NT, a specialized wireless dongle to help
police officers locate stolen electronics (any of them with wireless
capabilities and a MAC address, at least) by scanning for MAC addresses
associated with stolen goods. The idea is to have police scan as they drive
for these MAC entries, and match them against a database.

The article notes a few shortcomings in this concept, but does not point
out an even bigger one: MAC addresses are usually mutable, anyhow, in a way
that's not as obvious as an obscured serial number, and thieves could
refine their business model by automating the change.

Our thanks to *Stephen G7VFY* for spotting this item
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