ARLA/CLUSTER: TX Factor Episode 9 is on the air!

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Terça-Feira, 8 de Setembro de 2015 - 13:36:11 WEST

TX Factor Episode 9 is on the air!

Check out and navigate to Episode 9 to view the show in

Featuring ham radio Essex-style! We visit the south east to report on the
work of Chelmsford ARS, Essex Repeater Group and Essex Ham. And we're
giving away a CG-PK4 Pocket Memory Keyer in our free-to-enter draw.

(Since the launch of this show, we have heard the sad news of the passing
of *Clive Ward G1EUC*. Clive is a major contributor in this episode, and
all who watch the programme cannot fail to be impressed by his passion and
dedication to the hobby of amateur radio over many years.)

We at TX Factor send our condolences to Clive's family, friends and
colleagues at this sad time.

• You can also watch episode 9 here
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