ARLA/CLUSTER: Intrepid-DX Group anuncia DXpedition às Ilhas Georgia do Sul e Sandwich do Sul no Oceano Antartico

João Costa > CT1FBF ct1fbf
Quarta-Feira, 11 de Fevereiro de 2015 - 10:39:58 WET

South Georgia and South Sandwich Islands DXpedition

Dear friends of the DX Community: The Intrepid-DX Group announced our plans
to activate South Sandwich and South Georgia in mid-December.

With the activation of Navassa, these Islands become the #3 and #8
most wanted entities world-wide.

The activation of these two rare islands will be very expensive.
The 14 team members are contributing $210,000 towards the $425,000 total
cost of the DXpedition. The team has a critical decision to make. We have a
non-refundable deposit of $54,000 due to pay for our vessel charter.

We fully intend to go forward with our plans however we need indications
from the global DX Community that you support our plans.
While we are pleased with the support of some individuals and a few
clubs so far, we are now asking those of you who have not yet done so
to please consider donating to our fund, or pledge a donation.
We ask that the DX Clubs and Associations of the global DX community lend
us their support.
We must feel confident that we can successfully raise enough funds for
this exciting endeavor before we can commit to the non-refundable charter

You can see how to make a donation here:
If you cannot donate at this time, but wish to make a pledge, please
let us know: intrepiddxgroup
If you wish your donation to be US tax deductible, consider making a
directed donation through the Northern California DX Foundation:

Without significant support from the global DX Community, we will not
be able to go forward with our plans.

*The Intrepid-DX Group VP8/S and VP8/G Team*
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