ARLA/CLUSTER: FSQ - Fast Simple QSO: Novo modo digital com codigo fonte aberto

Luís Garcia Filipe afterhours36
Segunda-Feira, 9 de Fevereiro de 2015 - 14:17:24 WET

Queres fazer um teste logo á noite Paulo?

Já estou a ler sobre o novo modo, parece....engraçado



2015-02-09 14:01 GMT+00:00 Paulo Faria <pauloafaria>:

>  Obrigado João.
> Aqui pronto a testar QRV 7105kHz
> de CS8ABA Paulo Faria
> On 09-02-2015 12:25, João Costa > CT1FBF wrote:
>  New open source data mode FSQ
> Con Wassilieff ZL2AFP has developed a new fast simple chat data mode
> for use on HF and VHF
> FSQ is a Fast Simple QSO mode for MF/HF. It works well under NVIS and
> sunrise/sunset conditions on the lower bands, and also works well for
> short skip on higher bands. It can also be used on VHF FM, and clearly
> has a much wider useful range of operating conditions that other more
> conventional digital modes. Sending speed can be varied between 20 and
> 60 WPM.
> FSQ is designed for simple but effective 'Chat' operation, rather like
> phone text messaging or Skypeâ„¢ chat; fast and easy to use. You don't
> use 'overs' as you would with a conventional digital or voice mode. It
> is highly suited to net operation. You just type a sentence and press
> Enter.
> An important factor in the design of FSQ is that no synchronising
> process is required to locate and decode the received characters. Lack
> of sync means that reception is much less influenced by propagation
> timing changes that affect almost all other modes, since timing is
> quite unimportant; it almost completely eliminates impulse noise
> disruption; and it also contributes to very fast acquisition of the
> signal (decoding reliably within one symbol of start of reception).
> Fast acquisition removes the need for addition of extra idle
> characters at the start of transmission, and this leads to a very
> slick system. Add high resistance to QRM and QRN, thanks to the low
> baud rate, and you have a system so robust that it does not need error
> correction.
> Sensitivity is believed to be about -13 dB SNR at 6 baud, and -16 dB
> SNR at 3 baud. That's about 10dB better and several times faster than
> 12 WPM Morse.
> FSQ is NOT compatible in any way with EXChat or DominoEX. While also a
> Chat mode, it uses a completely new and revolutionary protocol.
> Read more about FSQ at
> Direct download link
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