ARLA/CLUSTER: Plano de transmissões no modo MT63-500L

João Costa > CT1FBF ct1fbf
Segunda-Feira, 14 de Julho de 2014 - 13:58:29 WEST

New SGARN HF Multicast transmission schedule

Call: N5PVL
Locator: DM80di

Frequency: 10,142.0 - 10,142.2 - 10,142.4 (MHz) USB ( One of these,
depending on ongoing activity on frequency )

Time: 0200-0600 and 0800-1200 UTC ( A two hour break in the middle of
the night )

Mode: MT63-500L

Content: ARRL Bulletins, SGARN Txt and HTML - Emergency information
during emergencies

Note: The best way to utilize this server is to get set up when it
starts in the evening, then let your system listen overnight and see
what you have in the morning. The first hour is usually subject to
interference that drops off later on.

More information at:

73 de
Charles, N5PVL

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