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Gil eduardo.gil
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Japão um país de atrasados mentais 4 classes e todas podem emitir.

Portugal um país desenvolvido onde a classe mais humilde só pode ter os
ouvidinhos bem lavadinhos e a boquinha fechadinha.


73´ para todos


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JPG> Japanese Amateur Radio license statistics

The March 2010 Japanese Amateur Radio license figures show a total of
3,299,954 licenses, but this figure should be viewed with care.

The figures as at March 31, 2010 are:

Class 1 - 26,683
Class 2 - 75,229
Class 3 - 195,122
Class 4 - 3,002,920

Grand Total 3,299,954

Japanese Class 4 is the equivalent of the UK Foundation (USA Tech) and gives
access to HF, VHF and UHF with 10 watts output. Introduced in the late
1950's it was the first HF Amateur Radio license that did not require any
Morse Code test.

Class 3 can be considered equivalent to UK Intermediate (USA General) and
Classes 1 and 2 broadly equate to UK Advanced (USA Extra).

All the Amateur Radio operator licenses are Life-Time. A holder of a Class 1
license can also appear in the statistics of all the lower classes.

There is no automatic mechanism to discontinue the license in the event of
an Amateur's death so the figures can be expected to include a proportion of
Silent Key Amateurs.

As well as an operators license Japanese Amateurs need a station license to
run their own station and there are currently about 450,000 issued. These
reportedly cost an initial $120 and then $28 on every 5 yearly renewal.

Japanese Ministry of Information and Communications Statistics Database

Japanese Amateur Radio Frequency bands

Japan Amateur Radio League, Inc. (JARL) in Google English

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