ARLA/CLUSTER: Interessantes tópicos para o Simpósio da Amsat em 2010

João Gonçalves Costa joao.a.costa
Segunda-Feira, 30 de Agosto de 2010 - 17:27:00 WEST

Exciting papers and presentations rolling-in

As of this week, the 2010 Amsat Symposium Committee has had several exciting offers for papers and presentations. Topics that have arrived include the list below.

Exploration and definition of AMSAT's opportunities to grow our outreach in the educational areas:
• ARISS and Education
• ARISS Operation Update
• Education Paradigm Shift for AMSAT to Support Subsidized
Launch Opportunities
• University of Louisiana Satellite Program

Get up-to-date on AMSAT's next platform in space:
• Assembling ARISSat
• ARISSatTLM, a telemetry display program for ARISSat-1
• Software Radio Technology on ARISSat-1
• ARISSat-1 Overview
• ARISSat-1 Power System
• BPSK-1000 format for ARISSat-1

Discussion of AMSAT's future satellite technology:
• Elmersat -- A Modest Proposal for Future Satellites
• Using ham radio satellites to distribute amateur radio news in both voice and data formats
• Characteristics of simulated data multicasts transmitted over K3IO's proposed GEO-Eagle communications platform
• Proposal for Digital Television Aboard the ISS

Updates and information of current AMSAT topics:
• ITAR Legal Update
• SUNY-AMSAT System Development
• AO-51 Battery Capacity and Spin Trends
• South Africa AMSAT Update
• AMSAT Publications - Future Direction for the Journal, News Service, & Web

Building up your satellite station:
• Flex Radio V/U Module - 2m/70cm full duplex transverter module for the Flex 5000
• Low Cost, Lightweight Homebrew Dish Construction

Teaching others how we do it:
• How to Work the FM Ham Satellites With Your Handheld Radio
• Successful Hamfest Demonstrations

Authors are reminded to send in your completed papers as soon as possible. Presentations should be in Powerpoint format. Bring your presentation loaded on a thumb drive which can be loaded into the projection system prior to your speaking time slot.

2010 Symposium Committee

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