ARLA/CLUSTER: CQ0DSM B - Portugal's latest D-Star repeater

Julio Cesar jc
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No que respeita à situação geográfica dos repetidores, e até onde eu posso
perceber, os digitais são tal como os analógicos, montados onde quem os
comprou e pagou decidir que eles vão ficar

73 do

Julio Cesar

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Continuo a não entender os criterios que teem levado á montagem destes
repetidores no que concerne ás localizações.
Sinceramente... ás vezes parece que fazem de proposito para que ninguem
consiga falar neles.
Não entendo como locais como: a Serra da Estrela, Montejunto, Monte da
Virgem etc, continuam a não servir, no que sempre serviram.
Ou seja, uma exelente cobertura e por conseguinte, amplo trafego de

Enfim, manda quem pode....



From: joao.a.costa
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Date: Fri, 10 Oct 2008 14:21:32 +0100
Subject: ARLA/CLUSTER: CQ0DSM B - Portugal's latest D-Star repeater

CQ0DSM B - Portugal's latest D-Star repeater
CQ0DSM B is the call sign of the most recent D-STAR repeater radio station
in operation since October, 3rd in Portugal.
Located in Serra de São Mamede / Portalegre, Portugal, but only a few Km of
the border with the Autonomous Community of Extremadura in Spain, this
device is by now only on a test phase.
The entire project, as well as the official operational licence, goes to
A.R.R. (Associação de Radioamadores do Ribatejo).
This regional ham radio association would like to express a public
gratitude, appreciation and recognition, regarding all those colleagues who
helped on the accomplishment of such remarkable motivating project.
This assignment was only possible thanks to group of financial contributors,
all dedicated to pursuit the intended goal right until the end.
According with the plan, a gateway connection is now ready and will be
accessible soon. The preliminary works of this first intervention had in
mind a simple start of the repeater on its basic, but full functional,
Obviously time is never enough and, as usual with amateur setting up's, a
few unpredictable "Murphy's law" events had a say in order to postpone some
important efforts for the next visit.
Below we let you with the previously announced data and TRX configuration
tips :
UHF Channel: RU680
Call Sign: CQ0DSM B
TX Repeater: 438,500 MHz
RX Repeater: 430,900 MHz
Shift: -7,6 MHz.
RF Power: 15 W.
QTH local designation: Serra de São Mamede / Portalegre
Geographic Location: N 39º 18` 45,50" / W 007º 21´ 30,72"
Locator Maidenhead: IM69hh
Altitude (ASL): 1025m.
Heading: Omni Vertical.
Mode: GMSK.
DesEmi: 6K00F7W.
Internet Gateway: Not Available at moment, will be accessible soon.
Licence owner and maintenance responsibility: A.R.R. - Associação de
Radioamadores do Ribatejo
This Local Ham Radio Association have join efforts with NAUCOM (Icom's
delegate company for Portugal), and thanks to ICP-ANACOM - (the equivalent
to FCC in Portugal ) conformity, the project have become achievable.
D-Star repeaters installed until this moment in Portugal:
Channel / Tx Rpt(MHz) / Rx Rpt(MHz) / Located / Call Sign
RU676 / 438,4500 / 430,8500 / Terceira Island -AZORES / CQ0DAH B.
RU678 / 438,4750 / 430,8750 / S. ARRÁBIDA - SETÚBAL / CQ0DSA B.
RU680 / 438,5000 / 430,9000 / S. SÃO MAMEDE - PORTALEGRE / CQ0DSM B.
RU682 / 438,5250 / 430,9250 / S. CANDEEIROS - LEIRIA / CQ0DLR B.
RU684 / 438,5500 / 430,9500 / PENHA de FRANÇA - LISBOA / CQ0DLX B.
RU686 / 438,5750 / 430,9750 / S. LEIRANCO - CHAVES / CQ0DCH B.
RU686 / 438,5750 / 430,9750 / S. FÓIA - ALGARVE / CQ0DFO B.
Best Regards from Portugal.
More info soon in website of A. R. R. :
João Costa, CT1FBF

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